COVENANT Orthopaedic Solutions
  • As the CUSTOMER FOCUSED company, Covenant meets the needs of patients, health care facilities and surgeons, by reducing market channel selling and distribution costs
  • Addresses the industry need for TRANSPARENCY between the manufacturer and the customers
  • Promotes SURGEON LEADERSHIP in the movement toward value-based orthopaedic care

Covenant believes that the solution to the cost crisis within orthopaedic healthcare is to provide high quality, value-priced implant products to its customers. Covenant's Value Alignment Strategy achieves this by aligning the clinical and economic interests of its customers and stakeholders. The implant marketplace of today is one in which the dominant orthopaedic implant manufacturers foster an environment of mis-alignment between key stakeholders / influencer and customers.

The sales strategies of the major implant device companies (OEMs) emphasize the 'innovation' of "new" product technologies, ignoring the fact that most of their products are based on prior technologies or more commonly referred to as "predicate" devices. While these same companies sell these "predicate" devices as new technologies or products to surgeons and hospitals, they present these devices to the FDA within the 510K process as being pre-existing technologies.

Working closely with Covenant's distinguished Physician Advisory Panel, the Covenant Leadership Team provides value-driven, customer-oriented solutions for surgeons, health care providers, patients and third-party administrators.