COVENANT Orthopaedic Solutions

Covenant Orthopaedic Solutions focuses on the design, manufacture and distribution of orthopaedic devices and instrumentation in two primary implant product categories: Reconstructive and Trauma.

Covenant's product categories contain mature and reliable product designs with a long history of successful patient outcomes. In fact several leading orthopaedic surgeons have publicly acknowledged the absence of significant product differentiation and actively advocate the need for value priced generic alternatives. The Covenant product portfolio will include integrated product designs from existing implant devices that serve the greatest procedural need. With 50+ years of management experience in the industry, the Covenant team is uniquely qualified to develop its product portfolio.

Orthopaedic industry leaders such as Dr. John Cherf are saying..."I think we're going to enter a new era in which providers really focus on usability and cost of service the reason is that there's no good data to differentiate these products."