Covenant Orthopaedic Solutions is a Disruptive Innovator in the Orthopaedic Implant Device Market. Covenant Orthopaedic Solutions provides high quality orthopaedic implants and instrumentation, and high levels of customer service, at value prices. Bringing value to healthcare creates one of Covenant's first mover advantages.

Receiving enthusiastic response from physicians, healthcare providers and investors, the Covenant business solution represents a bold, common sense approach to accelerating demand and important economic concerns confronting the US orthopaedic healthcare industry today.

The Covenant leadership team possesses a unique depth of executive leadership in domestic and international product design and manufacturing. Mission driven, the Covenant team provides access to proven technologies at a time when Medicare, Medicaid and private pay insurance reimbursement is being reduced.


Kenneth Birdsong, CEO

Ken is the founder and CEO of Covenant Orthopaedic Solutions, with 25+ years' experience as a senior executive within the global Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) industry, and serving as President and Managing Director of the second largest third-party Orthopaedic device manufacturer, Ken Birdsong has unique first-hand insight into the cost, quality and operational issues of the orthopaedic industry. To find out more, please contact Ken.